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Hi I'm Abbi-Kaye...AKA Viva la Vintage!

A vintage style singer from the
North of England.

(A Barnsley lass born and bred)

And by vintage singer, I mean that I perform the biggest hits throughout the eras spanning as far back at the 1920s. With genres such as jazz, swing, rock n roll, soul, blues and all that's in-between.

However, as a modern gal myself, I'm aware of the stereotype of "outdated and unfashionable" that vintage can sometimes receive, despite the fact that retro music is still so dearly loved by audiences everywhere. So by including era altering covers from Post-Modern Jukebox, vintagey-fying artists such as Harry Styles and Amy Winehouse. And by dancing in my platform docs and more updated, sometimes slightly alternative aesthetic.
Viva la Vintage is here to re-defining clichés and make old school feel cool again!

Following my success as a production singer for cruise ships and hotels. Viva la Vintage formed perfectly into place when I was invited to create a solo cabaret act for a production contract in 2017. With a lifelong obsession of old time records and vintage music, I was inspired by the glamorous jazz lounge singers that I'd worked with on the ships and I knew that this was the boujiee fantasy that I wanted to live out, while also sprinkling a little bit of me in there for fun.

Fast forward to the present day and you can still find me, as Viva la Vintage Singer living my best life! Working with wedding couples and entertaining audiences across Yorkshire and the North-West.



With singing being my true passion in life, I admittedly spend a lot of my time performing and working on Viva. However, I also live for my weekly yoga class, love spending time with my family and our dog Buffy and attending festivals and gigs with my mates. As I'm actually a basic indie "chick" at heart!

My long term dream is to keep doing what I'm doing and perhaps be lucky enough to perform with Post-Modern Jukebox (a girl can dream). I really do love, what I do and I feel so lucky to be able to work with my fabulous wedding couples and perform at such cool and varied events. Plus, if I keep at it...I should eventually be able to provide the best life for me and my own future doggo. (Who's name, yes, I have already picked out!)


My favourite thing about performing as Viva...

(Besides no longer working a 9-5 #bookedandblessed)

Seeing the power of music and nostalgia.

Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and with Viva La Vintage, I get to witness memories being made. Through classic hit revivals or by sparking new ones with unexpected twists on modern tunes. Viva la Vintage isn't just about reliving the past; it's about creating unforgettable moments that will become memories for years to come.

And to be able to create that for people?
That my friends, is a feeling that never goes out of style!

I also LOVE to hear all about your special occasions!

Each and every client, event and venue is different, and I really thrive in making sure that a personable and professional experience is delivered through every performance. 


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