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My Journey to The Wedding Industry Awards as a wedding singer!

I DID SOMETHING KINDA SCARY.... So, after months of debating, procrastinating, keeping it to myself/only talking about it hypothetically at the boyfriend repeatedly. I took the step and made that move!

I finally plucked up the courage, to put myself forward and in the running for TWIA (The Wedding Industry Awards). Not only that, but publicly announced it to my social media following. Which will start the process of asking my couples to vote.

After seeing how much fun other suppliers had last year, I thought stuff it, I wanna join in! As well as stepping outside of my comfort zone, and putting myself in front of more people, it’s also a really good opportunity for me to see where I actually am at in my wedding singer journey. Yes, I’ve been singing as Viva la Vintage for a good 6 to7 years . However this is my first official year within the wedding industry! And although I’ve found my feet and my vibe with it, I know that there’s still so much more to learn, which I’m so eager for. I am by no means a big dog in the scene, in fact I still feel very much like an imposter at times. But that’s why I have my eye sneakily on their “Best New Comer Award” in Yorkshire and the Midlands. Which is designed to help and support new suppliers like lil old me. It would also be nice to see representation of an act that's perhaps a little more alternative. With my jazz and vintage vibes, I offer something slightly different to perhaps the acoustic acts that (rightfully so) are in high demand. Having already spoken with a member of the TWIA team, I already know that this is going to be a fun, educational and well supported journey. As I go along, I thought it also a cute thought to document it via my very own Viva website blog. So for all of the inside scoop and feelings along the way. Keep reading! All the best, Abbi-Kaye (Viva la Vintage) x

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