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"What Qualifies Me To Be a Wedding and Events Singer?"

While it would be easy to share my on paper my achievements in black and white, the story of myself and Viva la Vintage goes much deeper than official attributes and goes a long way back. Asking me to perform for your weddings and special occasions is a very personal thing, a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. So I thought it’s only fair that I share a bit of my own personal story and moments that got me to where I am today. And it’s a story that when now looking back…it all makes perfect sense. (see images below).

  1. DANCING SCHOOL KID- When people ask me how long I’ve been performing, I can literally say, from the age of 2. Make up dolled on, my hair wrag curled, ballet pumps on, I was on that stage. There’s no denying that the level of discipline and exposure to performing on stage that I received from such a young age, has contributed to my own worth ethic and confidence in performing today.

  2. TAKE 2 THEATRE SCHOOL - Joining my local theatre school in South Yorkshire probably had one of the biggest impacts in my life. It’s here that my musical and vocal talents were first recognised and nurtured. My knowledge of music and theatre all comes from the countless shows we performed. Not only that, but here I met some of my life long friends. My favourite memories are from growing up as an MT theatre kid.

  3. EDUCATION- She's got a degree to back it up! After taking a short break from performing to consider whether I had the courage to pursue it as a full time career (I did a year in Art & Design instead). I took the plunge and went on to study Performing Arts and Musical Theatre at both college in Rotherham and University at Blackpool and Fylde. Fun fact, I didn’t actually get onto my uni course after my first audition, but I knew that this was the right course for me. So I insisted that they let me audition again, and I managed to prove myself.

  4. MY FIRST EVER GIG - During third year and as part of our final year projects, we were challenged to create a live performance for our “Singing For The Industry” unit. I had to arrange all of this with the venue, market it and come up with the full setlist. The night was a success and where the seeds of future happenings began to grow.

  5. CRUISE SHIP - After graduating from University with a First Class Degree and after a few months of the audition scene, I attained my first professional job as a production vocalist for a cruise ship sailing across Florida and the Bahamas. This was an incredible opportunity for me, one that I’m forever grateful for. However, as a new graduate and slightly naive young woman, my mental health was not prepared for the toughness of the industry, the demands of the job and long term life at sea. However, during this contract, I discovered the wonderful world of Jazz Lounge Singers. Having seen them perform in the nightly lounges and with plenty of spare time on board. This is where I came up with the idea to create my own solo singing act that I could create for myself.

  6. HOTELS -  Upon my return home and while still working on my own solo act, which did have a name by now. (spoiler, it’s Viva la Vintage). I was offered a job as a Production Singer to sing for hotels in Scarborough. For this professional contract it was required of me to perform a weekly cabaret. It’s here that Viva la Vintage Singer debuted and was tried and tested. Not only as a vintage style act, but as a solo performer. It’s here that I gained the confidence to play with a variety of song choices and interact with audiences.

  7. OPEN MICS -  After the comfort of my hotel contract it was time to take Viva la Vintage into the real world (venues and events). So I hustled down and reached out to venues and open mic night’s in my local town.  Although a little alternative to the regular acoustic acts, I was welcomed with open arms by the Yorkshire music scene. Securing myself gigs, earning my stripes and building a name for myself. Affirming that my vintage style vision was doable.

  8. LOCKDOWN -  We all had to stop. Except, I didn’t. I hosted my very own Lockdown Live performances, a number of these “gigs” purely to entertain and experiment with what I could potentially do with Viva. A lot of the ideas we came up with, I didn’t even pursue. However through my lives I not only connected with my friends and family but increased my popularity and reach online, which meant that when gigs and live music was once again allowed I had made even more contacts in the industry.

  9. FULL-TIME - After lockdown and rearing to go I moved to Manchester with the aim of exploring new options and opportunities for Viva la Vintage and my let’s say, muggle job as I had to maintain administrative roles to support me financially. But this ain’t just a side hustle no more. After 7 years working with venues, booking events and building up a repertoire of clients, I was able to take Viva la Vintage full-time in 2023. And to be quite honest, I've never looked back!

  10. WEDDINGS AND WHAT’S NEXT? - And after all of this, a career and yes, business that’s 25 plus years in the making. I’ve gained invaluable knowledge, experience and credit when it comes the live music industry. This isn’t just a “oh I’d like to this” idea that came to me. It feels like this is what I was meant to do. And funnily enough, like I’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible. Within this past year now that I have the capacity, I’ve expanded into the wedding industry and become a professional wedding singer. Which was a field that I initially thought there was no place for me and my style. But I’ve gladly been proven wrong. In terms of what’s next...much more of the same...and then some? I guess you'll have to stick along for the ride to find out! 🥹🎙️✨ 1. Say hello to baby me and my sister in our song and dance costumes for “The Candyman”.

baby photo, singer

2. Sassy 16 year old me, performing as Carmen in our am-dram production of Fame.

theatre performer

3. Our third year rehearsal production shots of Kiss Me Kate, where I took on the gender flipped role of Paula The Choreographer. Performing jazz hit “Too Darn Hot!”

professionally trained singer

4. “ AKAcoustic” a one night only gig at my beloved uni indie bar in Blackpool. (RIP Scrooges).

live musician, live singer, professional singer, live gig

5. Me and my fabulous singing captain performing a lil country themed number as part of the Cruise Ship production shows.

cruise ship performer, live singer

6. The first official Live Photo of Viva la Vintage at Scarborough Grand Hotel 2017!

viva la vintage singer, live singer yorkshire

7. Viva la Vintage's first ever performance at Barnsley Live, a festival that I’ve now played for the past 6 years in a row!

barnsley live, live music yorkshire, open mic, live singer

8. Viva la Vintage, live from my family conservatory during Lockdown!

lockdown live, live singer

9. Viva la Vintage is full-time and official, with promo shots taken at one of my now regular speakeasy spots in Manchester's Northern Quarter!

wedding singer, jazz singer, event singer, yorkshire musician

10. From then to now...whats next for Viva la Vintage?

wedding singer, vintage style, vintage wedding singer


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