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Reflections on my first year as a vintage wedding singER!


This week I was actually able to send that email to one of my couples. Not only to celebrate their own first year of marriage and to thank them for having me perform for them. But to myself, to celebrate my first year of being a wedding singer! And what a year it’s been. 

Within my first year within the wedding industry I’ve learned a lot. Such as the actual definition of the order of a wedding day (yes, I really did think that the Wedding Breakfast was at the start of the day). I’ve spent the year educating myself on how to scale up and improve my own standards and business structures that are 100% necessary when stepping into the wedding industry. But besides all of that, the thing I’ve learned most about, is people. Although I’m a solo singing self-employed gal, I’ve never felt more like I’m part of something, than when working on a wedding. Through each individual couple (and they really have all been beautifully unique in their own way) I’ve learned about life stories, experiences, communication styles, music tastes and memories. And how they all collectively come together in one day. Being involved in each wedding opens my eyes to different lives that are happening all around us and it’s really is fascinating. Albeit slightly woo woo and soppy of me but I’ve really felt a sense of connection and community which is kinda magical. Speaking of community, it’s not just through my gorgeous newly weds that I’ve experienced this. But through the wonderful gang of wedding northern uk suppliers (Yorkshire & Manchester) that have welcomed me with open arms! Be that online, in my wedding business club or at wedding fairs. By sharing their own work and art I’ve seen and learned about other suppliers stories and reasons for entering the wedding business. Which is incredibly up lifting.

I’ve voiced my previous concerns about whether I thought that there was space for a vintage style singer like me in the wedding industry. But this year has taught me otherwise. With my vintage vibes it’s really important for me to be able to reach the right kind of couples. Couples who love music, old time music and style. Wedding couples who want something a little different, quirky, fun and nostalgic while being equally professional and personal. And while my style might not be for everyone and every wedding. By working only with the couples who truly do love it, it allows me to forge deeper connections and spend more time creating something special. Which is a lotta fun!

jazz wedding singer yorkshire 2023
Viva la Vintage Singer & The beautiful bride Phoebe 2023 ♥️


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