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"you'll never be everyone's cup of tea...because you're champagne!"

Leaning into your niche as a wedding and events supplier.

This is something that over the past year or so I’ve only just began to be okay with.

Despite my jazzy and old school style already making me a niche supplier in the wedding and events industry. I’ve always had the mindset that I still need to be appealing to all audiences and wedding couples to be considered successful. Which although I am on a mini mission to keep old school music alive and prove that I am suitable for most audiences. Even in the jazzy market, I’m not quite your traditional vintage style singer which has caused a bit of confusion for myself and my audiences I think. However, within this past year or so, by honing in on my uniqueness and actively choosing to lean into my naturally quirky crossover of old school and new. On an active mission to attract my “vintage vibes tribe” not only have I began to find more measurable acknowledgment. But it’s actually a hell of a lot more fun meeting couples and clients alike!

The irony of this quote post is that I’m basically a walking mug of Yorkshire Gold Tea and an avid champagne disliker…but that’s fine!

Abbi-Kaye (Viva la Vintage Singer) x

vintage style wedding and events singer


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